BIGSHOT Inbound partners with research gamification platform,

Kansas City, Mo. – AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce that the marketing agency has partnered with to develop a new website and inbound marketing program for the Kansas City-based research gamification service. is powered by Insights Meta, a market research gamification agency, and provides enhanced engagement for research through gamification. Through its interactive games, captures information … Read More

Five tips for marketing with Instagram

Instagram is a widely used social media platform for sharing photos of sights and experiences. These photos are coupled with hashtags that identify categorizes or subjects of the photo and allow trends to be tracked.

3 easy ways to improve your online advertising campaign

Online advertising continues to evolve as our society tends to embrace engaging, helpful, and interesting online content. Gone are the days that a flood of advertisements and blinking banner ads were effective at catching the attention of your target audience; today, people want content that is more personalized, and speaks to directly to them.

Bud Light regrets developing insensitive new tagline

After receiving complaints about its new tagline on Twitter and other social media platforms, Bud Light has issued an apology regarding its new slogan that appears on beer bottles for its #UpForWhatever campaign.

Is Facebook out to conquer Google?

While Facebook hasn’t quite come close to overcoming Google in the rankings, new insight indicates that Facebook may have plans to overtake the world’s most popular search engine.

5 great reasons to mobile-optimize your site

Since Google’s April 21 mobile-friendly algorithm change, many webmasters and businesses are still working frantically to update their sites for improved mobile optimization.

Can quizzes delight your B2B audience?

If you ever visit Buzzfeed or browse Facebook on a regular basis, you may have noticed how some B2C businesses use quizzes to attract and engage their target audiences.

Clinton’s 2016 campaign dominates Facebook

Now that Facebook and social media marketing in general is bigger than ever before, presidential candidates who can grasp and understand this marketing concept could have a major advantage over competitors. According to Buzzfeed News and Facebook, more than 10 million unique interactions about Hillary Clinton were generated on Facebook between April 8 and April 14.

5 new myths about social media marketing, debunked

The world of social media is constantly changing. New social media startups are popping up everywhere, and smaller platforms are gaining traction as users turn to more video- and image-based content for entertainment.

Increase leads for your small business using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most effective tools that can be used in social media marketing to increase leads for your business. Managing a Facebook profile allows you to engage regularly with your target audience and market to your customers by sharing helpful videos, blogs, ebooks, and articles that have the ability to educate and empower.

Can you use the same SEO strategy for all search engines?

When developing a website, most marketers tend to think about the types of features Google will like best, which makes sense. After all, Google is the top search engine in the entire world. But did you know that other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo tend to favor different web pages than Google in search?

Buzzfeed deletes posts due to advertising complaints

After an internal review, Buzzfeed recently announced that it has deleted three posts from its site due to “advertiser complaints.” Ben Smith, Buzzfeed’s editor-in-chief, explained that the posts were deleted because they blurred the line between advertising and editorial standards.