What is inbound marketing?

inbound marketing [in-bound mahr-ki-ting]: noun Activities that pull visitors in, gaining the attention of customers and making a company easy to be found online through the production of interesting and shareable content. A “pull” marketing strategy to draw customers to a company’s website, convert them into qualified prospects for your business, and keep them coming back for more. Inbound marketing … Read More

Pepsi launches new Pepsi Challenge for the social media age

Pepsi Co’s notorious Pepsi Challenge may have been going strong since 1975, but this year, Pepsi is bringing back the challenge and plans on advertising it across various social media channels with hopes of the campaign being the brand’s biggest yet.

3 Facebook advertising trends for health practices

If you log into Facebook frequently for personal or business reasons, you may notice that the social media giant is constantly changing its look and features to accommodate the latest trends. While individuals may praise or gripe about Facebook’s frequent changes, it’s your responsibility as a business to embrace and make the most out of these changes.

3 essentials for online health care marketing

Having an online presence for your business is highly important in this day and age, especially if you run a medical practice. Data shows that 57 percent of consumers will happily seek treatment from medical practices that have a vibrant and aggressive presence online and on social media.

The CW uses themed food trucks to market iZombie

To market a new television show called iZombie, the CW has deployed a series of food trucks throughout Chicago and New York to reach its target audience and potential viewers in pedestrian-friendly areas.