5 elements that boost engagement for blog posts

Company blogs exist for a number of reasons; they help educate and inform your audience, they help boost SEO and page ranking in search, and they help convert prospects into leads, among other things.

4 ways to make your 404 error page more fun

While you may strive to keep your website as flawless as possible, you might have accidentally inserted an extra character into a URL while doing a site update, or forgot to remove a link after deleting a blog post.

5 fun ways to fix up boring blog posts

How long has your business been managing its own blog? If your website is several years old, chances are you’ve got several boring blog posts that may have been written before the concept of inbound marketing really gained traction, or before you really learned how to master the art of content marketing.

9 tools that help with social media monitoring

Social media monitoring, which is also known as social listening, is the act of paying attention to and engaging with social media posts that are relevant to your online presence, industry, and brand.

Marketing your business with PPC [infographic]

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an advertising method your business can use to generate incoming traffic in addition to attracting leads organically to your site through SEO. PPC allows you to track real-time analytics and user behaviors so you can manipulate your marketing strategy at any time to generate more leads.

iPhone 6 ads are making fun of your bad selfies

Apple is currently running an ad campaign known as “Shot on an iPhone 6,” in which billboards around the country are featuring a series of beautiful, quality photos taken by users on the iPhone 6.

5 outstanding ways to improve blog headlines

Blog headlines are what convince people to read the actual content of your blog articles. If your blog headlines are boring, confusing, or too long, most people will skip over them and continue searching for headlines that grab their attention.

Twitter is now advertising on user profiles

Promoted tweets and Twitter advertising have been around for a few years now on this microblogging platform, but according to a new report, Twitter will soon be introducing ads to user profile pages.

BIGSHOT Inbound partners with online marketing portal provider, MEDiAHEAD!

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce that the marketing agency has partnered with MEDiAHEAD to develop a new website and inbound marketing program for the Kansas City-based digital printer and online marketing portal provider. The company has grown over the years to offer a more comprehensive set of marketing services, merging digital printing with new marketing … Read More

Google could stop announcing algorithm updates

Google has a good track record for keeping users and webmasters in the loop about its routine algorithm changes. However, since 2012 Google’s announcements have been steadily declining in number while algorithm changes are continuing to take place.

4 ways to increase conversion on your “About Us” page

The “About Us” page on your website is where people go to learn more about your business and the people who run it. Most businesses tend to underestimate the power “About Us” pages have on their credibility and reputations.

7 great ways to reach millennials through marketing

Millennials are one of the newest generations of decision makers that many brands are now struggling with targeting effectively. The term “millennials” basically describes the generation of people born sometime during the early 1980s through the early 2000s.

10 companies that rock at copywriting

Have you ever commented on how clever you thought a commercial was, or how witty a brand’s Facebook post sounded? What about product packaging — have you ever purchased a food item because the sales copy made it sound delicious and healthy?

Scientific findings that will enhance your marketing game

Marketing involves more than just developing websites, blogs, and social media posts, although these are important components of an inbound marketing plan. To a degree, marketers also often turn to science to help them better understand the inner workings of consumers’ brains.

HBO launches temporary ad for Game of Thrones, angers fans

At the South by Southwest (SXSW) panel in Austin a few weeks ago, HBO revealed its intentions behind running a Snapchat-like promotion in which “visions” from Game of Thrones’ upcoming season five were distributed across various digital channels.

What are hashtags?

The hashtag is a fancy way of saying #, a.k.a. the pound sign. Placing a hashtag in front of a word or phrase (with no spaces or punctuation) turns it into a link that users can click on, in order to view other posts tagged with the same hashtag.

Is your website ready for Google’s mobile update?

On April 21, Google will be modifying its search algorithm to favor websites that function optimally on mobile devices. Since mobile usage has increased dramatically within the past few years, Google wants to improve the user experience by making mobile-friendly websites more accessible in search.

Google has plans to improve mobile search

Several weeks ago, Google announced it would be changing its search algorithm so mobile-friendly websites would rank higher than sites that lack a user-friendly mobile interface.