5 ways to make the most of your Pinterest marketing campaign

If you stay on top of social media marketing, you may know by now that visual content has recently taken precedence over text-only content from a sharing and popularity standpoint. The more visual content your business can produce, the more visibility and reach your content will have, especially on social media.

Facebook targets low-bandwidth devices with compatible ads

Facebook’s revenue continues to increase at a steady pace year after year, which is why the social media giant is now taking steps to expand into new markets where the majority of people spend time on mobile devices versus desktop computers.

6 important stats about business blogging in 2015

Maintaining a business blog that offers industry news, tips and tricks, and other informative content related to your industry is an ideal way to drive inbound traffic and qualified leads to your website.

4 things to omit from your medical marketing campaign

Online digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means your medical practice has to work hard to stay on top of the latest trends, tools, and technologies to beat competitors. With that said, it can be difficult to determine what’s hot and what’s not at any given time when developing your medical marketing strategy.

10 ways your business is failing at social media marketing

Considering the biggest social media platforms have been around for almost a decade now, your business can’t exactly say that social media marketing is “too new a concept” to be used effectively in your inbound marketing campaign.

Why some patients avoid visiting your medical practice

Over two-thirds of all Americans say they would rather neglect their health than visit the doctor’s office, according to a recent study conducted by Kelton Research. At this time, the most common reason people avoid the doctor’s office is due to time being wasted and inefficiently spent while at the clinic.

Domestic violence billboard ad uses facial recognition tech

A new billboard ad in London is employing the use of facial recognition technology to heighten awareness about domestic violence. The poster, which was installed near Canary Wharf just before International Women’s Day, shows a woman with a bruised face accompanied by a caption that reads, “look at me.”

How to replace the 6 lamest phrases in sales

Being a salesperson can be difficult enough as it is, but if you can figure out the words and phrases that work for you when it comes to closing sales, you can become better and better at your trade as time passes.

Sharing information with your target audience

The Internet is a black hole of information and it continues to expand every day. In order to gain the attention of your target audience and engage them, you have to help navigate them through the sea of information by giving them relevant content they desire.

Instagram introduces carousel ads to its platform

In an effort to allow advertisers to become more creative with their social media marketing campaigns, Instagram recently introduced a new type of carousel ad that allows users to swipe left to learn more about the brands or products being advertised.

BIGSHOT Inbound partners with personal injury lawyers Horn Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kansas City, MO. — AGENCY HTM Inbound is pleased to announce that the marketing agency has partnered with The Horn Law Firm, P.C., to develop a new website and inbound marketing program for the Kansas City-based personal injury law practice. Founded by Douglas R. Horn in 1990, Horn Law focuses its practice on personal injury law, representing … Read More

Twitter finally launches embeddable video feature

Earlier this month, Twitter finally released a new feature that allows publishers to embed Twitter videos directly on their websites. Previously, YouTube and Facebook were the only major social media platforms that offered this feature, which means these websites now have a new competitor.

Facebook meets goal of 2 million advertisers

Six months ago, Facebook had 1.5 million active advertisers, and 18 months ago, only one million active advertisers. These numbers are a major accomplishment for Facebook, which is continuing to reach out to small business owners for the sake of boosting advertising revenue.

How outdated is your business website?

If you recently paid a website developer to completely overhaul and update your business website, it’s possible your website could already be outdated, even if changes took place one or two years ago.

Google Play now displays sponsored ads

Google has recently announced that their app store will start to display sponsored search results in select accounts as part of a pilot program, in which app developers will have the opportunity to promote their apps and businesses.

How will Google’s plans to index tweets impact SEO?

Last month, Twitter and Google announced that tweets would start showing up real-time in Google Search, which would help boost Twitter’s visibility on the web. Since the date of the announcement, marketers around the country remain perplexed as to how this change will impact SEO.