Snapchat highlights best brand advertisements

Now, brands from McDonald’s, to Macy’s, to Amazon are using the platform to market their products and services to audiences that are finding Snapchat to be personal and engaging — especially Millennials.

Millennial men are more influenced by advertising than women

According to a new study released by, Millennial men are more influenced by advertisements than women in the same age group. At this time, 47 percent of Millennial men will buy a product or service based on whether they liked and connected with an advertisement, whereas the same is applicable for only 36 percent of Millennial women.

3 simple ways to ease into inbound marketing

If your business has recently decided to make the transition from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, the concept of advertising and marketing as a whole can suddenly seem overwhelming. For several decades, businesses have been making cold calls, developing print and television ads, and taking other steps in an effort to attract the eyes of consumers in an invasive manner.

McDonald’s reveals newest brand vision

McDonald’s fast-food chain is rolling out major changes this year that include new branding, new uniforms, new packaging, and new signs. For the month of November, McDonald’s generated record-low sales for the first time in over a decade, and third-quarter sales were down by about 3.3 percent.

6 words that can improve your sales copy

In the world of sales and marketing, certain buzz words can influence people to make purchases. Words and phrases such as “free gift” and “exclusive offer” can sometimes drive people to purchase items they don’t need or wouldn’t normally purchase, which means that if you know how to write excellent sales copy, you could have endless streams of new prospects buying your products and services.

How videos can help your medical practice stand out

As video-sharing social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine continue to rise in popularity, more and more businesses are realizing just how lucrative it can be to share videos related to their industries. For health care practices, videos can reveal more about how doctors and medical staff work behind the scenes to care for patients.

Apple is being sued for false advertising

Apple is currently being sued by consumers who have expressed upset at false advertising in regards to the available memory space on iOS 8 devices. The newest iPhone is advertised at having 16 GB of free storage space at the time of purchase, but consumers have realized that at least 19 percent of the free space is being used by Apple’s own iOS software.

Kansas City advertising industry continues to thrive

Kansas City is being recognized more and more for its thriving advertising and media industry. Throughout 2014, the advertising industry saw many new celebrities, businesses, and big-name brands team up with various Kansas City advertising agencies, and 2015 is expected to be just as promising.

3 social media marketing tips for beginners

The concept of social media marketing can be intimidating to marketers and businesses that have always practiced traditional advertising methods and haven’t yet taken the leap into inbound marketing.

7 ways to make your customers feel loved on social media

How does your business make money? By providing customers with products and services that benefit and enhance their lives, and by providing them with satisfying experiences. Since your customers drive your sales and business, it’s important to make sure they’re happy at all times.

How to optimize your 4 most important site pages

If you’ve dumped your entire heart and soul into designing your website, and have optimized each and every page for SEO and conversion, then you may have just nailed the concept of inbound marketing. But no matter how much time and dedication you’ve devoted to your site, there are likely still certain pages that rank higher than others.

Instagram is now worth $35 billion

At the time Facebook initially purchased Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion, people around the world were surprised that Facebook was willing to make such a large investment in such a small, relatively unknown startup.

Facebook’s “Year in Review” feature falls flat

As 2014 came to a close, Facebook released a new feature called “Year in Review,” which highlighted users’ most important moments from throughout the entire calendar year. The feature employed the use of an algorithm that sought out and chose posts that had the highest interaction and engagement rates.

7 ways to make blogs sound more conversational

When people are interested in learning about something, they typically want to read information that’s presented in an easy-to-understand format so they can fully grasp what they’re reading without difficulty. Plus, people usually want to read content that’s considered fun and enjoyable — not boring and stuffy.

Pinterest opens promoted pins to all advertisers

Last June, up-and-coming social media giant Pinterest allowed select advertisers to run “promoted pins” that targeted users based on gender, age, location, and interests. Now, more than six months later, Pinterest has announced that its promoted pins feature will now be available to advertisers across the board beginning January 1.

5 myths about inbound marketing that must be retired

Businesses that don’t embrace inbound marketing often make this choice because they feel they don’t need inbound services in order to run a successful business. They may already have a website, but don’t understand how a blog helps drive SEO.

Why your business should keep using Google Plus

Throughout the latter half of 2014, it was rumored that Google+ would soon be joining the Google product graveyard due to lack of popularity. While this rumor does make sense to most people, considering the social media platform never quite achieved the amount of popularity as did Facebook and Twitter, it looks as though Google+ is here to stay for awhile.

KC ad agency earns recognition for PetSmart campaign

Kansas-City based ad agency Boom Ideanet made headlines during the 2014 holiday season for helping PetSmart design and launch a series of ad campaigns that brought awareness to the fact that pets can make people into better versions of themselves.