What people are saying about Google Penguin 3.0

Google rolled out Penguin 3.0 near the end of last October, and by this time, feedback has usually been made public about the rollout by webmasters and businesses impacted by the changes.

KC ad agency helps “inspire” Avila University

Trozzolo Communications Group, a Kansas City-based ad agency, recently helped Avila University launch a new ad campaign called “Be Inspired” in an effort to help prospective students and the Kansas City community better understand the college.

Using social proof as a marketing tactic

Social proof can help drive any marketing campaign, and is often used subtly in advertisements around the globe. For example, one study found that marketers that advertise certain items as their “most popular items” are usually able to increase sales for those items by 20 percent.

Yahoo to surpass Twitter in mobile advertising

According to eMarketer, Yahoo is expected to surpass Twitter in mobile advertising next year, which will make the search engine company the third-largest company in US mobile advertising.

5 major marketing mistakes made by rookies

In the marketing and advertising industries, getting the most bang for your buck is crucial. Spending too much money on the wrong endeavor could put your business in the red, and have a negative impact on your bottom line.

4 types of content for 4 types of customers

In the world of content marketing, it seems as if everyone is constantly talking about the importance of blogs, infographics, and social media content. If your website or brand doesn’t publish these types of content, you may as well be living in the dark ages.

Millennials don’t care about traditional health care

Newer generations of consumers are starting to care less about traditional health care, and more about non-conventional health care practices that focus more on overall health and well-being, according to a new study.

6 ways to make landing pages more persuasive

While the term “persuasive” may sound sinister to some, persuasion isn’t always negative as long as it involves informing users how their lives can be improved with help from your business.

5 keys to a successful health care rebrand

If your medical clinic has been running the same marketing strategies for the past several years, and you notice business has been steadily on the decline, it might be time to rebrand your practice.

5 social media hacks all marketers should know

Even though some platforms are limited in regards to the types of content you can post, there are creative workarounds that can help marketers accomplish what they need to across channels.

5 stimulating ways to conquer writer’s block

Sometimes we can wake up fresh and alert, and churn out the most compelling, creative work we’re capable of producing, whereas other days, we might wake up feeling sluggish and unable to crank out just one great sentence.