Facebook launches new location-based ad program

The world’s social media giant has recently announced that it is releasing a new location-based ad program that will target individuals based on where they live and on places they recently visited.

How to promote your business using #TrendingTopics!

Hashtags blew up and now Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest use trending topic feeds to get the word out about what a large group of people are talking about on social media. Businesses can use these trending topics from their own location, the nation, or the world for recognition and promotion of services and products.

Mozilla’s new ad programs will respect the user

Tech company Mozilla, which is best known for its Firefox web browser, released a message to the advertising industry after starting to sell ads of their own and realizing that many online ads fail to the put the user experience first.

5 ways to increase Twitter click-through rates

If you’re just posting links to Twitter, then you might not be doing enough in terms of presentation. Here are five ways you can start increasing your click-through rates on Twitter.

The 5 hottest trends in advertising right now

This year’s hot topics included native advertising, programmatic advertising, and mobile and video advertising, and how these ad methods are forever changing the marketing world as we know it.

The future of digital advertising in 2015

Considering how digital-ad spending continues to increase, what does the future of digital advertising look like? Take a look at how you can creative effective ads that result in higher conversion for your brand or business.