eBay resurrects in-app mobile advertising

Two years after pulling out of in-app mobile advertising in 2012, eBay has recently made the decision to resurrect the advertising method after learning how effective mobile advertising has become in the world of digital media within the last 12 months.

7 best practices of content marketing

If you’re new to the trade, or simply looking for ways to improve your current processes, take a look at these seven best practices of content marketing.

Google launches new ad campaign for mobile

On September 4, the first official day of the 2014 NFL season, Google premiered a new 30-second television spot called “Dream,” which is part of a new ad campaign for mobile features by Google.

Tips for using photos on your blog

Expert content marketers understand that using images in blog posts can help grab the reader’s attention, increase user engagement, and improve SEO.

Google now favors secure HTTPS sites over HTTP

As a website developer or webmaster, following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is one of the best ways to ensure that your site ranks high in search as long as you’re practicing sound SEO techniques.