New sales and marketing firm brings over 500 jobs to Northland

An inside sales and marketing firm known as Targeted Metrics will soon be opening its headquarters and sales operations centers in the Northland Kansas City region. The company plans on hiring 100 percent of its employees in Kansas City, which will create up to 535 new jobs over the course of the next two years.

3 new and unique types of digital ad agencies

As advertising continues to shift away from television and toward the digital realm, there have been many new startups and digital advertising agencies that are beginning to take a unique approach to digital marketing. In fact, there have been three main trends on the rise for digital ad agencies: the viral video agency, the GIF advertising agency, and those focused on the concept of “The Internet of Everything.”

BIGSHOT Inbound becomes a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce that it has joined the HubSpot inbound marketing team as a Certified Agency Partner. All-in-one marketing software company HubSpot recognizes the value of its certified agency partners and is glad AGENCY H is part of the team that is revolutionizing marketing. “Itâ€s time to replace the worldâ€s annoying, interruptive … Read More