Google may soon serve ads in mobile thermostats

Google has recently hinted that they may soon expand on the concept of “mobile advertising” by placing digital ads in normal, everyday household products such as wristwatches, eyeglasses, and thermostats.

Kansas City fire departments advertise for diversity

Last week the Kansas City, KS held a ceremony to honor the 26 newest graduates of the Kansas City Fire Department. However, Mayor Mark Holland was concerned about the lack of diversity seen among the graduates, which fell short in women and African-American firefighters.

Understanding the buyer’s journey [infographic]

The buyer’s journey is key to any successful inbound marketing strategy. When buyers visit your site, your goal is to guide them to convert without causing them to lose interest along the way. Marketers must always keep the buyer’s journey in mind when developing campaigns so they can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

BIGSHOT Inbound launches new site for Monarch Plastic Surgery

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce that the marketing agency has developed and launched a new website for Monarch Plastic Surgery at Monarch Plastic Surgery provides patients located in the greater Kansas City region with multiple cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures; including breast surgery, body contouring, hand surgery, facial rejuvenation, and more. Monarch has … Read More

Selfies are changing the world of plastic surgery marketing

“Selfies” — which are photos taken of oneself using a camera extended at arm’s length — are continuing to rise in popularity in the world of social media. The trend originally began as a hobby practiced by teens and young adults, and is now bigger than ever thanks to selfies being snapped by celebrities and even the President of the United States.

Krispy Kreme hires Kansas City ad agency

After searching nationwide for an advertising agency to handle their digital marketing campaign, Krispy Kreme has finally hired Kansas City-based agency VML.

AOL hires online advertising firm for $100 million

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, AOL has recently closed a deal with Convertro — a digital advertising firm that uses data to track the types of ads that lead to purchases, which is a process also known as marketing attribution.

Creative ways to generate blog posts from physicians

If your medical practice has recently ventured into medical marketing, there are times when you may face challenges with hiring or recruiting experienced writers who can develop user-friendly and compelling blog content.

4 ways to boost Instagram presence for your medical practice

According to a new report published by eMarketer, Instagram has now surpassed Twitter in the amount of active users. The photo-sharing application is available for the iPhone and Android devices, and can be linked directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for instant photo-sharing.

Kansas City ad agency launches new campaign for Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, which is to begin operating out of Kansas City International Airport this August, is working with Barkley advertising agency to develop a new advertising campaign in an effort to win back the business of flyers after having launched a new business model without educating consumers about how the system works.

Facebook announces boot camp for smaller advertisers

Facebook has recently announced that they will be teaching small- and medium-sized businesses how to use Facebook’s advertising program through a series of “boot camp” training sessions that will take place in various major cities throughout the summer.

3 things you might be overlooking in website marketing

When you first take on a new client, you can expect your work life to be extremely busy for the next several weeks as you take time to build a new website, develop and write content, start engaging on social media platforms, and all else that goes into website marketing.

BIGSHOT Inbound launches new site for Kansas City Foot Specialists

AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce its partnership with Kansas City Foot Specialists for the release of the medical practice’s new website, Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Kansas City Foot Specialists focuses on offering comprehensive foot care for the entire family, and is home to doctors who have extensive training in reconstructive foot surgery, joint replacement, sports medicine … Read More

4 key components to include in every website rewrite

Your company’s website is often the client’s first impression of the way you do business. When searching for an inbound marketing agency, most prospective clients will contact you after the images, organization, and words on your website have influenced them to do so.

6 ways medical practices can use YouTube

Considering how online videos are taking over the Web when it comes to both advertising and teaching consumers about products and services, medical practices can take advantage of online video to teach patients more about medical conditions, procedures, and health in general.

3 essential pages for your medical website

Newer generations of patients are relying on the Internet more than ever when researching and choosing a health care provider. In addition to searching online to find medical practices in their local areas, patients are also using medical websites to research symptoms, medications, the backgrounds of doctors, and other medical information that could influence their final decision-making process.