How inbound marketing can attract new patients

In previous decades before the age of the Internet, patients would travel to the nearest hospital or medical practice in their area to receive treatment. Now, patients and consumers in general have been trained to ignore traditional marketing and rely largely on the Internet to provide them with information about hospitals and medical facilities.

Beware the niche agency

Choosing an advertising agency can be a challenging task for any business. However, when you’re in the medical industry, it can be even more daunting for a lot of reasons. Your business model is different and you have to deliver your message in a sensitive way, depending upon your speciality.

Spirit Airlines to advertise low airfare to Kansas City

In Kansas City, Southwest Airlines currently dominates the market when it comes to offering low airfare for flights out of Kansas City International Airport (KCI). However, starting August 7, Spirit Airlines will start flying out of Kansas City and will also start advertising low airfare to compete with Southwest Airlines.

4 ways to protect your medical brand

As your medical practice starts to become more involved with health care marketing, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of your brand’s tone and overall message when developing content and a social media presence.

5 tips for proofreading typos in content

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of any inbound marketing strategy. In most cases, you might be posting up to several blogs per week or even several blogs per day to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

BIGSHOT’s takeaways from HubSpot’s “The Secrets to Success on Social Media”

Earlier today, HubSpot hosted a free webinar called, “The Secrets to Success on Social Media.” Hosted by HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella, the webinar featured advice from experts well-versed in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and revealed information on how users and businesses can use social media services to get more followers, engagement, and revenue.

BIGSHOT Inbound partners with Monarch Plastic Surgery

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound is pleased to announce that the agency has partnered with Monarch Plastic Surgery to develop a new website and provide medical and inbound marketing services. With clinics located in Kansas City, Leawood, and Lansing, Monarch Plastic Surgery provides patients in the Kansas City region with a number of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures, … Read More

8 tips for attracting patients to your health care blog

A blog is one of the most important website features you can include in your inbound and medical marketing strategies. A blog can help increase awareness of your health care brand, and allow you to engage with your audience, which are essentially your patients.

BIGSHOT Inbound partners with Kansas City Foot Specialists

Kansas City, MO. – AGENCY H Inbound is happy to announce its partnership with Kansas City Foot Specialists. The marketing agency plans to develop a new website for the foot care clinic and deliver a series of inbound marketing initiatives, including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and lead generation. Kansas City Foot Specialists is located on West … Read More

Twitter announces new mobile app advertising

Twitter announced last Thursday that advertisers will now be able to post tweets that encourage Twitter users to download mobile apps directly from their timelines. Currently, Twitter advertisers can publish promoted tweets that show up in various users’ timelines based on demographics.

How to use Pinterest for your medical practice

Health care and medical practices often tend to focus only on using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in their social media marketing strategies. Those in the health care industry may overlook Pinterest simply because the platform is image-centric.

Twitter launches new design; focuses on images

Last week, Twitter rolled out a new profile design in which images are being made the major focal point of a user’s timeline. Profile pictures and background images now span the entire width of a user’s Twitter profile to result in an appearance many users are saying resembles that of Facebook.

Choosing the right tone for your health care website

If you run a medical practice, current and prospective patients will visit your medical or health care website to find information that could end up impacting or changing their lives forever. Keep in mind that although one of the major purposes of having a website is to be easily found by patients, not everyone who visits your website is merely just curious to learn more about your practice.

8 Facebook marketing tips + tricks

We all know that social media marketing is getting bigger and more important all the time; however, it also gets more confusing and complicated as time goes on. You know your business needs to be using social media, but it can be time-consuming.

The future of advertising revealed at major Kansas City ad event

Earlier this month, a group of leaders from major advertising firms shared their insights on the future of advertising at an event for the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City. The sold-out April 3 event was entitled “The Future of Advertising from the People Who Live There,” and took place at the Kansas City Star Press Pavilion.

3 reasons to request that patients write online reviews

An Internet study recently conducted by Nielsen found that 70% of all consumers believe that online reviews are found to be accurate and completely trustworthy. A series of recent studies have shown that many patients now visit physician review websites to learn more about the practices and reputation of a particular healthcare provider.

Close more sales through relationship-building

When making a major purchase, would you rather buy from a salesperson who is serious, dull, tight-lipped, and boring? Or would you rather buy from a salesperson who is outgoing, friendly, and takes an interest in your person and well-being? Although the answer may be obvious, many salespersons often forget to take an interest in the customer and shed their business personalities when they’re not necessarily required.

Digital advertising companies battle online ad crisis, fraudulent visitors

According to new data compiled by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, about 36% of all Web traffic is fake and programmed to visit numerous websites across the Web. As digital advertising continues to climb toward $50 billion in 2014, more and more digital marketers are finding that they’re having to battle an excessive amount of fraudulent visitors to sites.

3 signs you’re overthinking your medical marketing strategy

When developing a marketing campaign, many of us will sometimes overthink a particular strategy because we’re concerned about how people will react to our final decisions. But in truth, the majority of patients don’t think about things in the same manner as marketers, and just want to work with a healthcare provider who clearly demonstrates that they can understand the patient’s needs.