BIGSHOT works again with Executive AirShare

Kansas City, MO. – Formerly known as Flight Services Company, the new Executive Flight Services approached AGENCY H after previously working with them on another successful website project (Executive AirShare). Executive Flight Services, wholly owned by Executive AirShare, provides a turnkey aircraft management solution for the customer. They provide highly qualified flight crews, in-house maintenance capability, and customer service tailored … Read More

BIGSHOT gives Country Club Christian Church website control

Kansas City, MO. – Country Club Christian Church (CCCC) has been a Kansas City staple for over half of a century. Their previous website however looked like it had been around the same amount of time. Before now, only a select few within their organization could update and maintain their website, but thanks to AGENCY H and their content management … Read More

BIGSHOT keeps Medical Vertical alive with RBC Product Development

Kansas City, MO. – As AGENCY H continues to dabber in medical marketing, the RBC Product Development website helped progress this endeavor. RBC Product Development has been creating a variety of products for the medical industry since 1994. Their former website however, did not have a clear brand identity. It was difficult for visitors to find examples of RBC’s work, … Read More

BIGSHOT does the trick for MagicBullet Media

Kansas City, MO. – MagicBullet Media is a New York City-based company that does everything from producing films and videos, to creating visually appealing masterpieces. While the product they produced was magical, the website needed some new tricks. Thanks to AGENCY H, MagicBullet now has an online show. Their brand is now accurately reflected through their new website, and they … Read More