2 quick tips to effectively promote your content

how to promote your content

Creating business content without promoting it is essentially like writing a private diary. You’re producing quality material, but you’re the only person that views it. Why would you continue to write content that nobody reads? Your content, as brilliant as it may be, does not just miraculously float to the top of people’s to-read lists. You’ve got to promote it!

Promotion is the most effective way to gather views for your content. If your plan for promotion is executed poorly, then you could experience wildly adverse effects, which hurt the integrity of your content. However, if you don’t promote at all, you’re missing out on numerous potential leads and business.

Read on to learn about two fast ways to effectively promote your content, and make sure you drop us a line to continue the conversation about content marketing. 

Email your content to your list

When marketing your content, it is important to keep an email list of recipients that you can notify every time you published something new. This email should be personalized to the individuals that have opted into your list. There are a couple ways you can take advantage of email marketing:

Tip #1: Send the recipient a newsletter

Newsletters can be embedded into the email, allowing the reader to view the full article with a couple ads. If the newsletter’s content is worth the readers time, they can easily click on the article to take them to your website to learn more.

Tip #2: Promotional email and landing page

If you have long-form copy that you think will be nauseating to read in an email, consider creating an HTML email. An HTML email generally consists of a picture of the report, E-book, guide, and a short description of the key points of the material. If the summarized copy is enticing, the audience will click through your HTML email to a landing page. This landing page will have a form setup for members to download the long-form copy, and opt-in to receive future content.

Post on social media the week your content goes live

When your content has been published and is ready for the world’s eyes, start sharing it with your social media followers.  It is important to understand what time of the day your audience digests your content. You don’t want to be publishing your content at 3 in the morning, unless that’s when your audience is readily available.

Don’t go overboard with the social media posts. You can very easily start over-sharing your new content, which makes your content seem like it will be spammy. Spammy content is often perceived as useless for many audiences.

When crafting your social media posts, it is important to differentiate the ways you approach the audience on each platform. You don’t want to copy/paste the same text to introduce your content on Twitter as you would on LinkedIn. If you use the same bland, unoriginal descriptions on each platform to introduce your content, your audience will think your content reflects the same uninteresting style.  Here are a few ways to change the style of the social media posts:

Tip #1: Use a quote to introduce the post

Consider pulling out a powerful or hilarious quote from the content and seamlessly integrate it into your social media post. This will give the reader a brief taste of the insights the content has to offer.

Tip #2: Take a more personal approach

What do you think of the content? Use your own words and thoughts to introduce the content. If you think the writer is making insanely good points, let the world know!

Tip #3: Highlight the benefit of the post

An old boss of mine told me a terrible marketing joke: “The customer’s favorite radio station is WIIFM, or What’s In It For Me.”

While, at the time, I thought that was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard, it actually makes sense. If the audience doesn’t have a clear-and-cut reason to read the content then they won’t bother. Get a tiiiiny bit salesy in your approach and display the benefit to your audience.

These tips for promotion are easy to learn and hard to master, fortunately for you, we’ve mastered them. Would you like some help implementing these promotional avenues into your inbound marketing strategy? Drop us a line! AGENCY H Inbound can help you develop a new, exciting website accompanied with a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help you attract new customers, retain current customers, sell more products and services, and develop the tools necessary to create a steady flow of new business.