18 great ways to start a conversation on social media

social-media-conversation-startersA successful social media campaign will generate lots of buzz across all social media channels. If you post interesting, engaging content that is relevant to your brand and industry, your content will be commented on and shared by many users who feel that others will benefit from your content.

Want to start connecting with more people on social media? Take a look at these 18 great ways to brew up conversation!

  1. Ask for feedback. Publish a simple post to ask your followers for feedback, such as “Which new product or service would you love to see from us?”

  2. Be more humorous. Step away from posting serious content once in awhile and post jokes, funny videos, and memes that tie in to your industry somehow, no matter how minutely.

  3. Share a personal story. Share something personal (while keeping it tasteful) to show your followers that you are a real person they can connect with.

  4. Post industry statistics. Interesting stats usually result in high shares and retweets.

  5. Post an unexpected image. While taking care not to offend followers or cross the line, post an unexpected image that is either humorous or maybe even controversial to get higher engagement rates.

  6. Share quotes. Everyone loves quotes — whether they’re inspirational, motivational, or just simply funny.

  7. Share breaking news updates. Social media is the best online source for news these days, so be the first to share news about your industry!

  8. Conduct a poll or survey. Social media users love polls and surveys, as do most internet users.

  9. Offer your opinion. Offer your personal opinion about a story or hot topic and encourage followers to share their opinions as well.

  10. Share someone’s blog comment. Did someone leave a controversial or interesting comment on a blog? Share it to see how others weigh in. Plus, it will generate more traffic for your blog!

  11. Post links to infographics. Since infographics are visual, users will love sharing them with their own followers.

  12. Ask “what would you do” questions. Share a scenario or experience, and ask your followers what they would do in your shoes.

  13. Post before-and-after photos. Before-and-after photos appeal to nearly everyone, so if you can tie these types of photos into your industry, you’re set!

  14. Ask your audience for recommendations. Your fans and followers will jump at the chance to offer their suggestions.

  15. Share useful social media tips. All social media users can benefit from tips relevant to social media, so share tips and tricks related to the platform you’re using.

  16. Do “fill in the blank” posts. Develop a phrase or sentence and ask your followers to fill in the blank, such as “My favorite photo app is ______.”

  17. Share your favorite memory. This is useful for special events and holidays. Post something such as “The best Halloween costume I ever wore was a deviled egg. What was yours?”

  18. Ask random questions. Keep your followers entertained by posting random questions every once in awhile, such as, “What is your favorite comfort food?”

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